You wouldn’t associate the Middle-East with yoga very often. However, there are a lot of great yoga activities going on in that area! So come with me on a virtual journey on some of the most beautiful and amazing yoga retreats in the Middle-East!

Yoga retreat in lebonan

Prices start from US$ 320
Various Dates Available
2 Day Retreat

This retreat only last two days, which in a way is a shame because they have such an amazing package they offer. However, this place just fits in perfectly in a trip through Lebanon! Lebanon has such a rich culture and very often it’s overlooked by the bad publicity the country has experienced in the last years.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t go of course. I know a couple of Lebanese people and those I know are really the kindest people I’ve ever met. 

Therefore, when you are backpacking through Lebanon, or you want a little break during your city trip in Tripoli, this place is a must! The area itself is very lush and has some amazing monasteries and churches to visit as well if you are into those things.

During these two days, you’ll really be spoiled. You get a yoga session, a full body massage, nutritional tips and tricks and all meals provided are plant-based!

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Turkey yoga and culture retreat in Turkey

Nicole Griffins Wellness
Prices start from US$ 3.999
Fall 2023
8 Day-retreat

This trip I included because Turkey is 95% Middle-east geographically. Istanbul is part European, part Middle-East. But as you won’t only be staying in Istanbul. During this trip you’ll also travel to Dalaman and Cappadocia.

This trip is really amazing if you’d like to see a bit more of Turkey than just the Turkish riviera.

Your guide Nicole will take care of everything and promises you a complete immersion into the Turkish and Islamic culture. And on top of that you’ll be doing yoga as well of course! 

Yoga retreat in israel

Metzoke Dragot
Prices start from US$ 1000
Available all-year-round
5 Day Retreat

Ever imagined about floating in the dead sea? This retreat is so close to this big puddle that there is a day included where you’ll be guided into the water.

This retreat is pretty unique when you are looking forward to do yoga in a more sandy area, close to the dessert. It’s got a completely different feel to it. So, if you are adventurous and you want to do a lot of yoga on different terrains, this is a must-do!

You’ll be getting two sessions a day, morning and evening. This leaves a lot of time that you’ll be able to visit other towns and attractions nearby!


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Yoga and islamic retreat in UAE

Voice of Plenty
Prices start from US$ 2.464
Limited Dates Available
8 Day Retreat

Yoga and other religions. You very often don’t put them together. However, yoga transcends religion, as it shouldn’t be always looked as a way of having faith. In my classes I always try to keep things very light and airy, without a lot of Ayurveda or Hinduism included. Just to make sure it is accessible to all.

This is kind of what you’ll be getting at this retreat. Besides the many yoga classes you’ll be attending, you’ll be diving deeper into the world of Islam. The couple itself is a mixed-race couple, making them the perfect partners for this retreat.

Within Islam there’s also a branch that has quite a lot of spirituality in it. Sufism has been showing us more of a mystic approach of Islam and life. Making it great for all of us soul-searchers.

cultural and yoga retreat in jordan

Soul Tribe Travel Retreat
Wadi Rum
Prices start from US$ 799
Limited Dates Available
5 Day Retreat

Jordan has become a bit more touristic in the past years. This might be a bit more of a safe choice if you are wanting to go to the Middle-East for the first time.

At this retreat you’ll be going to Petra to have a look at the historical archeological sites. Which of course is a must-see if you are wandering around in Jordan. But you’ll also get into a 4WD to drive into the dessert!

And last but not least, even the stay is very authentic as you’ll be staying in Bedouin tents!

Cruising and yoga at the turkish riviera

Captain Jack Yachting
Prices Start At US$ 1.090
Various Dates Available
Marmaris, Turkey
7 Day-Retreat

Captain Jack Yachting has been a gem for a while now and I’d completely recommend them! They are specialized in Gay Yoga Retreats, but there are actually many more they promote too! And if you aren’t in for a group thing, you can even book a private cruise just for yourself. Or for something different, like a birthday or bachelorette party!

The opportunities here are insane, from a French speaking retreat and a German spoken retreat to a naked retreat! It’s seriously worth checking out what they are offering here. You won’t find something like this anywhere else. And thrust me, I’ve looked the whole worldwide web for you!

These were my top pick of the best yoga retreats in the Middle East! I have to mention that it’s not that easy to find yoga retreats in this area. Which is quite unfortunate, as this region has its own beauty, richness and a great culture as well. So if you are offering retreats in the Middle East and you want to be added to the list, please let me know through or leave a comment down below and I’ll be in touch with you shortly!

Nama-stay wonderful!

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